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PAYPAL and Point Commissions: OPEN!

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 14, 2016, 4:52 AM

*  Art Status Button Comm Open by Ninelyn*  Art Status Button Comm Open by Ninelyn*  Art Status Button Comm Open by Ninelyn *  

I know my list is long but I will work as fast and best I can. But still, if you're willing to wait about 3-5 weeks for it, send me a note. Thank you for commissioning me guys. I live from that money, pay my college, food and everything I need for drawing even more <3

Orkney Medium:
Point Right  No deadlines
Point Right  I don't draw hentai/nudity/pornography
Point Right  You can only have 1 addition character on 1 picture, the 3rd one counts as start price
e.g. Start price 20 USD, additional character +7 USD
1 character = 20 USD
2 characters = 20 +7 = 27 USD
3 characters = 20 +7+20 = 47 USD
4 characters = 20 +7+20 +7 = 54 USD
Point Right for private commission + 15 USD since my work is my promotion
Point Right  PAYMENT: PayPal (USD) and DeviantART Points  

:bulletpink: Orkney Medium :bulletpink: 

If you are interested in commissioning me, NOTE ME. 
Your note should contain:

1) REFERENCES: Pictures of your character(s) you want me to draw
2) STYLE: Halfbody/Fullbody/Chibi/Head-shot/Manga Page
3) POSE: Describe or send a picture of the pose you want
4) BACKGROUND: No background/ Simple background/ Detailed background

If you want to order a Manga page then add also:
5) PANELS: Number of panels you want on each page
6) SKETCH: If possible send a rough sketch how you want it to look like (even stickmans would help me imagine)

Orkney Medium:
1. Snowflower--Chan00 Cherry Blossom Progress Bar-Started by CherushiMetsumari (waiting for references)



Thu Jul 28, 2016, 5:37 AM
My dear supporters, you can find my commission list I haven't done yet here and the prices for commissions. You can read the rules down there and feel free to contact me if you're interested in my art <3
I do commissions because I want to help my parents. I go to college and with this money I pay my food, clothes, college and other stuff everyone need and of course new material for better drawing :D (Big Grin) 
So every commission is a big big support for me and also my family, thank you!

Regular prices:
*CHIBI (Without color)
Shy Angel by knilzy95 Young, wild and free by knilzy95 So close... by knilzy95
1 person: 11$ (or 1100 Points)
+ 1 additional character -> + 6$ (or 600  Points)

*ANIME STYLE (Without color)
  Commission: Nhecator by knilzy95 Hatake siblings by knilzy95 Eternity by knilzy95
1 person: 20$ (or 2000  Points)
+1 additional character -> +10$ (or 1000 Points)

If I had a flower... by knilzy95 Friendship hug by knilzy95 Flower for you by knilzy95
1 person: 15$ (or 1500  Points)
+ 1 additional character -> +9$ (or 900  Points)

New generation by knilzy95
1 person: 10$ (or 1000  Points)
+1 additional character -> +8$ (or 800  Points)

For Styles: Chibi, Anime (fullbody/halfbody/headshoT)
All you need it to NOTE ME! Send me in the note:
-REFERENCES of your character(s)
STYLE (Halfbody/Fullbody/Chibi/Manga Page)
-Describe or send a picture of the POSE you want
-What COLOR you want it to be

  Thank you, Kurei... by knilzy95  She rescued me... by knilzy95  Rainy day by knilzy95
  The price depends on whats in the panels
For this type of commission you need to tell
-how many PANELS you want
-BACKGROUND: simple/detailed
-If possible send a rough SKETCH how you want it to look like (even stickmans would help me imagine) xD


1° Chibi
.: Chibi Ninjas :. by knilzy95
1 character 14$  (or 1400  Points)
(aditional charater = +7$ (or 700  Points))  

2° Anime
 1 character 28$ (or 2800  Points) (aditional character +14$ (or 1400  Points))
HALFBODY: 1 character 20$ (or 2000  Points) (aditional chacarter +10$ (or 1000  Points))
HEADSHOT: 1 character 13$ (or 1300  Points)(aditional +9$ (or 900  Points))

SIMPLE: 10$ (or 1000 
DETAILED: 15$ (or 1500 

: Happy Birthday Nagato : by knilzy95 AT: Light feather by knilzy95 .: Happy Birthday Jiraiya-sensei :. by knilzy95 AT: Wanna play, Minato? by knilzy95 Itachi...don't... by knilzy95 Welcome to my workplace... by knilzy95

NOTE: You can only have 3 additional characters on one picture, the fourth character is counted as the start price.

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